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The Inspiration

Hello and welcome to my blog website, Black Activist Writer!  This blog came out of my desire to expound on myriad social issues that continue to manifest in our society today. The main impetus that sparked my interest was a series of online courses I took exploring an eclectic range of areas, such as Sustainable Development and International Human Rights on edX, an online learning platform.  I began writing to reflect on the content I was learning from my online coursework. I started writing to educate people on multifaceted global issues to raise awareness and evoke immediate action to right these unfair wrongs inflicted on marginalized groups, such as women and people of color. The central theme behind my blog website is social justice and equality for ALL in society. 


My goal is to inform people on myriad forms of inequality to develop into culturally competent global citizens. My sincere hope is to inspire readers to become involved in speaking out against any form of injustice. 

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Black Lives Matter!

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